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Famous bets in the world of roulette

You will find many gambling legends and famous bets if you go through the history of gambling such as poker champions like Johnny Chang and Joe Hachem. Similarly in roulette also there have been some famous bets.

Roulette is usually seen as a game of chance and luck; there are too many variables to consider if someone wants to find a winning formula. But in spite of all the odds there have been some famous wins.

One of the legends in the world of roulette is Joseph Jagger who during the 19th century nearly made the banks bankrupt. Joseph Jagger was a mechanical engineer and he decided to study and develop a method by which he can beat the live casino roulette wheel. He along with six other men who accompanied him on this mission studied the outcome of several wheels at some of the Monte Carlo casinos. They noticed that because of the lack of perfect balance of the roulette wheel, the ball landed in some particular slots more than the other slots. By putting his new find into use, Jagger was able to win nearly 60,000 English pounds, equivalent to 3 million in the present day, in just three days. This is one of the most famous stories in the history of roulette.

Another famous bet also took place in the casinos of Monte Carlo where a man called Charles Well won more than two million francs in around two days. The casino will have been watching his every move. He later came to be known as the ‘man who broke than bank at Monte Carlo’. It is said he had won twenty three spins out of thirty spins on the roulette wheel. Well has been immortalized in Fred Gilbert’s song known as The Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’.

Later many roulette players tried to “cheat the house” with the help of advanced computer technologies. In the 1970’s few students from the University of California, Santa Cruz invented a system which would increase their chances of winning. With its help they were able to win around $10,000 in Las Vegas casinos.

One of the craziest bets in the modern times was made by Ashley Revell in 2004. Ashley, had sold off most of his belongings and made a “double or nothing” bet in the casino at Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas. Luckily Ashley Revell actually won the bed when the ball landed in the red-7 slot.

These are some of the most famous bets made in a game of roulette.