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Live Roulette

Live Casino roulette is particularly favored by a many of the players, it generally comes in three variations which you can read about here. It is played online that has special video and audio feed coming from an actual real life game. Somewhere an actual game is going on which the players get to watch and they place their bets on their computer.

Live Casino Roulette

Live Roulette been played inside a real casino

Watching the wheel only enhances the betting thrill as you can see from the picture show. The game you can see is operating on the vuetec platform can be played at DublinBet and also the LuckyLiveCasino websites. Instead of studio games both these sites show actual real time footage of the live roulette wheel from inside a live casino. Along with the camera you also get audio so you can even hear the gambers scream with excitement as they win. Visit a site and get to see life inside a casino.

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Live Roulette on TV

Roulette on the computer and on the televisionThe websites offering this version of roulette also broadcast the shows over UK television channels so they do have advert breaks but that doesnt stop the game play from been entertaining. The game show presenters also double up as the dealers or croupier and frequently change during the broadcast. See for yourself when you visit one of the following sites offering live Tv roulette.

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Live Roulette (in a studio)

Roulette tables in a studioHaving a dealer spin the wheel just for you plus the crystal clear video streams are the main fact separating the live roulette games in a studio from the others. Several of the sites also provide options for the players to interact with your dealer through a chat room window. The following have studio live roulette games with a personal dealer just waiting to play with you.

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